Creating a bespoke solution to risk management in a high-tech environment

An aerospace OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) developing highly technical equipment for the aircraft industry had identified a skills gap in the understanding of risk management across the organisation. The business was keen to move away from classic methods and wanted to address this gap in an innovative way.

Core Development explored multiple possibilities to identify a new methodology. Key criteria were a user-friendly approach that could be applied in a high-tech environment, whilst also being intellectually rigorous and more effective than traditional methods. The team approached Professor Jyrki Kontio, who had developed 'Risk-Kit' . Professor Kontio agreed to work with Core and adapt his proposition to create a bespoke solution.

The new process was incorporated into the project management development programme, and training was provided to the organisation's Project Leaders. The new method proved to be rigorous, user-friendly and effective in reducing risks in projects.