Creating multi-national winning strategies

A global aerospace company wanted to develop its global management team's ability to create and deliver winning strategies.

The 'winning strategies' development course needed to work in a multi-national environment, with 100 leaders from a range of disciplines and countries. It also needed to provide the attending leadership team with the understanding and tools to create and implement innovative business strategies across the company.

Core Development introduced a 'blended learning' programme comprised of workshops supported by e-learning modules. Key tools and techniques for each workshop were introduced in preliminary e-learning modules. These techniques were then practically applied in the workshop, where attendees learned how to understand, develop and implement differentiating business strategies. The workshops also included guest speakers from industry who shared their experiences of how to transform markets and organisations and encouraged delegates to strive for more radical and creative strategies in their area.

The attendees became confident in how to develop and deliver strategies that were cognizant of both external drivers such as customer, competitor and environment changes and internal business requirements. Six strategically important areas were closely monitored during the development programme and improved leadership and initiative skills were demonstrated by both teams and individuals across each area.